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Keiretsu Bangalore

We go above and beyond the role of an ordinary angel investment network by providing quality deal flow, vetted global investment opportunities, charitable and social stimulation, collaboration with private equity funds and an unwavering commitment to honorable business practices. Our angel investors and the innovative entrepreneurs who inspire their investments are part of a collaborative community.

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Keiretsu Forum

Keiretsu Forum is a worldwide network of capital, resources and deal flow with 46 chapters on three continents and more than 2000 accredited investors as members. Members invest in high-quality, diverse investment opportunities in information technology, healthcare, life sciences, retail, real estate and agriculture, among others.

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Keiretsu Meetings

Keiretsu Forum meetings are great avenues for thought leadership, networking and access to investors, ideas and great companies. See events below for specific dates. Call +91 96862 78008 if you are an investor looking to participate as a guest or a company looking to pitch.

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Keiretsu Mentorship

Tap into Keiretsu Forum Bangalore's professional network for help and ideas on how to grow your companies! Forum mentors and resource partners are available for consultation on legal and financial compliance, IP protection, communication, branding, go-to-market and funding to early-stage companies with great ideas and traction.

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Keiretsu Academy

You only get one chance to sell your story! Keiretsu Academy's Capital Access Series is the best place to learn where and how to pitch your growth stage business. Learn how to resonate with investors to have the best chance of getting funding, expertise and other resources.

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Keiretsu Investor Survey

Help us understand your expectations from the companies you invest in and the angel groups you work with, so we can serve you better. Angel investors in India are invited to take the survey and share your views. Read more to take the survey and check only one most preferred answer for each question.

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Keiretsu Squared

Keiretsu Squared, a premier business accelerator, helps take businesses from high potential to rapid growth. A team of experienced specialists work together with a vetted group of entrepreneurs and executives toward one singular objective: to rapidly accelerate a company’s path to market growth and liquidity.

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Keiretsu Careers

Keiretsu Forum offers ongoing job and internship opportunities to those looking for new challenges outside their usual comfort zones. This is your window to the exciting world of entrepreneurship and innovation. For opportunities in Bangalore, the most active startup ecosystem in India, get in touch with the local chapter.

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Keiretsu Partnerships

Keiretsu Forum Bangalore works alongside many prestigious organizations with which it has strategic partnerships to help grow the early-stage funding ecosystem and support innovation. These partnerships provide a wide network of resources for Keiretsu Forum companies and investors. Read more if you would like to explore a membership or partnership.

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Keiretsu Capital

Keiretsu Capital provides its limited partners access to proprietary deal flow by investing alongside the angels and providing additional capital to complete rounds. It also provides follow-on capital where appropriate.

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  • Linda Jenkinson, CEO, LesConcierges

    “In just a few days, I was able to connect with hundreds of qualified, well-connected, and helpful angel investors. Keiretsu Forum provides the world’s most efficient process for a company to raise the capital needed to take it to the next level."

  • Costin Tuculescu, Founder & CEO, AnyMeeting, Inc.

    "Tapping into the robust network of investors with Keiretsu Forum allows companies to make quick progress in fundraising, or realize they have more work to do. Part of our success came from understanding their unique model, which allows multiple chapters to leverage the due diligence completed by one chapter, expediting the traditional angel investment process."

  • John Steuart, Managing Director, Claremont Creek

    "The opportunity would not have happened without our ability to invest smaller amounts of money at a compelling early-stage valuation and our involvement in Keiretsu Forum."

  • Rob Neville, CEO, Savara Pharmaceuticals

    "The enthusiasm that Savara received has been tremendous, allowing us to proceed with a Phase II clinical trial in MRSA infected cystic fibrosis patients without the need for VC funding."

Keiretsu Forum is a global angel investor network with more than 2,500 accredited investor members spread across 49 chapters on three continents.

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